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Proprietary Primed-Cell™ Platform

Focused Cell Therapy

Fighting Inflammation with Immunomodulating Cellular Treatments


Backed by nearly two decades of stem cell research, we are leading the fight against acute and chronic inflammatory diseases with our patented Primed-Cell™︎ cellular therapies.

Today, we are in preparation for clinical trials that will test allogenic MSC Primed-Cell™︎ treatments with enhanced immunomodulatory properties for treating liver cirrhosis and acute liver failure. Additionally, we are preparing preclinical and clinical studies for other disease models, including NASH, ASH, and are continuing our research into lung and kidney diseases.

In response to the COVID-19 outbreak, we have launched an investigation into how our Primed-Cell™︎ therapy can be applied to reduce inflammatory damage to the lung and induce tissue recovery.

“I envision a future where conditions like my own will be effectively and safely treated using the cells that already exist in our bodies.” 

Tom C.K. Yuen
Founder, Chairman of the Board