Hong Kong, September 28, 2020 PrimeGen Global.Inc., a clinical cell therapy company dedicated to treating inflammation, the root of most chronic and degenerative diseases, today announced that renowned stem cell pioneer and inflammation researcher Dr. Yufang Shi, Ph.D has joined the company’s board of directors, and has been appointed as the company’s chief science officer . Dr. Shi brings with him a truly unique understanding of stem cells reinforced by decades of innovation and breakthroughs in the scientific field that align with PrimeGen Global’s mission to find a cure for chronic liver disease.


Tom C.K. Yuen, Executive Chairman at PrimeGen Global stated, “This year, we’ve made significant leaps forward on our mission to find a cure for the millions of people suffering from chronic liver disease globally. The appointment of Dr. Shi to our executive team and board serves as one of PrimeGen’s most significant and strategic moves to date. Shi’s expertise in stem cell activation and vast knowledge of how stem cells influence the immune system will prove pivotal in advancing PrimeGen into multiple clinical trials. In that respect, PrimeGen Global has acquired substantial IP and license rights, including pre-clinical and human clinical data for the application of human Mesenchymal Stem Cells in liver indications.”


‘’PrimeGen has a rich history of innovation in the stem cell field and the work the company has done to advance the relevance of stem cells in modern medicine aligns closely with my passions and professional background,” said Dr. Yufang Shi, Ph.D. “I see great potential in PrimeGen’s platform and look forward to helping the company expand into clinical trials as it works toward finding a cure for chronic liver disease.”


Dr. Shi was recently elected to Academia Europaea, the pan-European Academy of Humanities, Letters, Law, and Sciences, in parallel to holding active roles at several major academic institutions including University of Rome Tor Vergata, Medical School of Kunming University of Science and Technology, and Soochow University Institutes for Translational Medicine. Additionally, he is Editor in Chief for Nature’s Cell Death & Disease, a peer-reviewed online journal in the field of translational cell death. Beyond his vast professional experience, Dr. Shi is also highly decorated, having received an Award for Excellence in Translational Stem Cell Research by Chinese Society of Cell Biology, among others.


Dr. Shi is a pioneer in the field of stem cell and inflammation research. He is the first scientist in the world to activate and induce lymphocyte apoptosis. He has laid a series of important theoretical foundations for stem cell applications, tumor immunotherapy and drug development for autoimmune diseases. In recent years, from the perspective of inflammation, he has devoted his work to the basic research and transformational application of stem cells and inflammatory diseases. Since receiving his Ph.D. in Medical Sciences in 1992 from University of Alberta, Dr. Shi has published more than 220 papers in clinical scientific research publications and has received over 30,000 citations.


About PrimeGen Global


PrimeGen Global, Inc. is a Cayman Islands company headquartered in Hong Kong.  The company’s mission is to develop high-volume allogeneic mesenchymal stem cell (“MSC”)treatments addressing the inflammatory process, the root cause of most disease.  Armed with two decades of experience investigating the unique properties of stem cells, with numerous patents granted and pending, PrimeGen is developing MSC therapies that disrupt the cascade of systemic events that underlie inflammation. The company’s goal is to develop cell-based treatments that empower the body’s natural healing abilities, which increases the potential for improving the quality of care and life for patients. The company continues to expand its pipeline of product candidates and is working towards its goal of obtaining regulatory approved therapies.



For more information about PrimeGen Global, please visit www.primegenglobal.com.